Synthesis – March 9th, 2020


A CHANGED WORLD March 9, 2020 Change can be difficult, and that’s especially true for financial markets. The events of the last few weeks were as [...]

Synthesis – March 9th, 20202020-03-11T09:28:12-05:00

Synthesis – January 31st, 2019


AMASSING FORCESJanuary 31, 2019 Stormy weather arises as fronts of different temperature and pressure meet each other. Recent months have brought market volatility back as a weakening earnings [...]

Synthesis – January 31st, 20192019-02-22T22:53:01-06:00

Synthesis – October 31st, 2018


TIME OF TRANSITION October 31, 2018 The undercurrents of financial system change have been churning all through 2018 and the month of October has now confirmed the change [...]

Synthesis – October 31st, 20182018-11-01T15:09:14-05:00

Synthesis – May 6th, 2018


IT'S ALL ABOUT (FUTURE) EARNINGS May 3rd, 2018 Earnings in the first quarter were impressive. Maybe great by some standards. Growth in net profits will have [...]

Synthesis – May 6th, 20182018-06-13T17:29:25-05:00

Synthesis – April 6th, 2018


PATIENCE AND PRUDENCE April 6th, 2018 Markets in 2017 were extremely calm, but that is clearly not the case in 2018. The volatility in the first [...]

Synthesis – April 6th, 20182018-05-02T21:30:44-05:00

Synthesis – March 5th, 2018


YELLOW FLAGS EMERGE March 5th, 2018 The last few years have yielded very few signs of concern from the major drivers of market returns - corporate [...]

Synthesis – March 5th, 20182018-05-02T21:31:41-05:00

Synthesis – February 6th, 2018


A PREDICTABLE SURPRISE February 6th, 2018 By many measures, global stock markets over the last year had experienced the lowest volatility ever recorded. Given history and [...]

Synthesis – February 6th, 20182018-05-02T21:32:52-05:00